Common Misconceptions People Have About Bidet Sprays

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Just like installing a water tap, installing a bidet spray can also make things a lot easier and healthier. You will not have to worry about your toilet paper finishing off soon. Additionally, you will not have to experience genital infections.

Owing to the many advantages that using a bidet spray offers, most people in Singapore have installed them beside their toilet bowl. Although, there are still some people who get confused. This is mostly due to the misconceptions that people have about bidet sprays. Therefore, we will share the common myths and facts about bidet sprays. 


Common Bidet Spray Myths

They Are Difficult To Use

A bidet spray can seem difficult to use at first, however, that is only because they are new to you. Once you start using them, you will realize that they are very easy to use. After all, a bidet spray will keep the bathroom clean and tidy

They Are Messy And Unsanitary To Use


You may feel that a bidet spray can be quite messy and that you will be all wet as soon as you turn the lever. Although, this is just a myth as modern bidets come with pressure control. You can easily adjust the position depending on your needs.

There is no chance of a toilet bidet spray being unsanitary. Bidet sprays are in fact a healthier option compared to using toilet paper. If you are experiencing low water pressure, do not worry as there are reasons and remedies for low water pressure in your home. Although, if your water pressure is just fine, then your bidet spray can completely clean the dirt and bacteria on your toilet bowl and in your bathroom. Furthermore, bidet water is freshwater from the tank and not toilet water. 

They Are Awkward and Uncomfortable To Use

You may feel awkward when you use a bidet spray for the first time, but then that is just a feeling. Once you start using a bidet spray, you would not want to go back to using toilet paper again. This is definitely one of the pros of opting for bidet spray installation. The awkward feeling is only at first since you are not used to it, and once you do, you will feel that is the best decision you ever made.

As long as you use a bidet the way it is to be used you will not feel uncomfortable. There are some bidet models that allow users to control the temperature and water pressure, to make things comfortable for them. However, if your bidet spray has low water pressure, you may contact us Mr Plumber Singapore and our experts will quickly solve the issue. 

They Waste Water


Do you know it takes many dozen gallons of water to make one roll of toilet paper? The good thing about using a bidet is that it is eco-friendly, and this is a common question regarding green plumbing. Since a toilet sprayer can prove to be a more eco-friendly solution than always using toilet paper and flushing it. Using a bidet will save you money and is a better choice for the environment as well.

They Are Difficult For A Plumber To Install

You may have heard that bidet spray installations are difficult to do even for a plumber, although that is just a myth. If you choose a professional like Mr Plumber Singapore, nothing is difficult for us. 

Our experts are well-trained to handle all types of plumbing issues. They use the top plumbing tools which makes a bidet spray installation very easy. We shall do that for you in a very short amount of time, and if you face any troubles in the future, we shall solve that for you as well.


Important Facts About Bidet Spray

It Saves You Money on Toilet Paper

Buying toilet paper makes you spend a lot of money each year. However, buying and installing a bidet spray will help you save money since you will not need toilet paper for wiping. 

Aside from that, there are many bidet spray models that come with in-built warm air dryers. Therefore, you will not need to use toilet paper to even pat dry. 

It Is More Hygienic Than Toilet Paper


Another thing that you should consider when purchasing and installing a bidet spray is hygiene. When you change your toddler’s diaper and some excrement lands on your wrist, you will not clean it with toilet paper but rather wash your hands with water. Washing with water is more hygienic since your behind deserves much care and cleanliness. 

It Is Cost Effective


There are many bidet sprays out there for you to choose from, and some can be expensive too. This is the ideal time when you must call a professional plumber like Mr Plumber Singapore. We can help you find the best bidet spray for your needs and that too within your budget.

You will be saving money from buying toilet paper regularly. Furthermore, the installation charges of Mr Plumber are also very affordable. Overall, it will prove to be a great deal. Keep in mind to avoid cheap plumber scams as well. They can charge you a great amount, although their work is not complete. 

It Is Environmental Friendly

When you use toilet paper you are wasting a lot of paper and also harming the environment. Once you have a bidet spray replacement or installation done in your bathroom, less paper will be used, and thus many trees would be saved. Therefore, if you want to help preserve the environment, a bidet is certainly the best option for you.

It Offers Bathroom Independence


Older people end up losing bathroom independence and that can be very humiliating for them. However, one of the benefits of purchasing and installing a bidet spray for your bathroom is that the elderly will enjoy bathroom independence for a longer time. This is because they will not need help with wiping,

If you choose a model that comes with an air-dryer, then it will prove to be even better for them. A bidet and a properly placed grab bar allow the elderly bathroom independence. This is something that they certainly will be thankful for.



Buying toilet paper each year has proved to be costly and not environmentally friendly. This is the reason why many people prefer to have a bidet installed in bathrooms. Although, there are still some people who have misconceptions about bidet spray. In reality, using a bidet spray is easy to use, cost-effective, hygienic, and they do not wastewater. If you engage with the best recommended plumber like Mr Plumber Singapore, we ensure to give you efficient plumbing services. Our plumbing professionals are highly-trained and knowledgeable in doing bidet spray installations.


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