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At Mr Plumber Singapore, we aim to deliver the best plumbing and customer service by ensuring that all our clients understand the problem they are facing.

Here are some frequently asked questions by our trusted customers:

1How long is the warranty period?

Mr Plumber Singapore’s workmanship warranty may run from one week to one month, depending on a case by case basis.  As for the products used, the warranty period would depend on manufacturers.

2Why does my toilet bowl choke?

Toilet bowl chokes are usually caused by the build-up of toilet papers being flushed down after every use. Even more so, an excessive amount of toilet paper can easily result in such chokes. Otherwise, a more serious toilet bowl choke could stem from a main pipe issue. When this happens, immediately call a plumber to inspect the problem.

3Why is my tap leaking?

Tap leakages are usually caused by wear-and-tear, which is aggravated by constant usage. Homeowners are often advised to purchase and install quality taps to avoid such problems.

4Will hacking be done on my floor or tiles during the toilet bowl replacement?

No hacking will be done on your floor or tiles as they can be easily removed by taking out the silicon between the toilet bowl and the ground. If the toilet bowl happens to be stuck to the flooring, we will just remove and hack the toilet bowl itself.

5Why is there water leaking from the unit above my house?

This is most probably a waterproofing issue. Take note of how often the water leaks to your unit as this is an important factor needed to determine the root of the problem. Don’t hesitate to speak to a professional plumber or a waterproofing specialist for advice.

6I already got my plumbing choke repaired, why does it keep clogging again?

Did your previous plumbers use a machine to clear the choke or did they repair it manually using simple plumbing tools? If no machine was used during the last repair work, you could be facing a serious choke issue that requires the use of a high-pressure water jet which is more effective than manual repairs.

7Why is my water heater not producing hot water?

This problem could result from a broken water heater or other electrical issues. However, a thorough site inspection needs to be done first in order to determine the cause of the issue.

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