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Toilet bowls are commodity items in today’s modern world. Toilet bowls are installed or replaced every day around the world and in Singapore, as the number of housing such as HDB and Condo Apartments begins to rise, it is expected for plumbing companies to cover the job of installing or replacing toilet bowls for these apartments. Most toilet bowls in the standard HDB flat come with a standardized toilet bowl. Thus, if you have your preferred brand/type of toilet bowl, you would have to take matters into your own hands and look for a plumber that can help you install your preferred toilet bowl.

It is important for you to choose the right toilet bowl as there are many variations available in the market, such as floor-mounted toilet bowls, wall-mounted toilet bowls, 1 piece toilet bowls, or 2 piece toilet bowls. Apart from these choices, you can also decide what type of flush system you want to have installed.

You should also be aware of some reasons why you need to replace your toilet bowls, to avoid plumbing issues, and you could also save water consumption in your toilet. You may also wish to note some points for toilet bowl installation.

Therefore, if you are deciding to install or replace a toilet bowl, rest assured to engage Mr Plumber Singapore as we have an experienced team of professionals that have completed thousands of toilet bowl installations in Singapore. WhatsApp us now at +65 8241 0032 to schedule an appointment.

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Common reasons for toilet bowl replacements

If your toilet bowl has been around the house for some time, there are some signs that will let you know that you should change your toilet bowl soon. If you notice repeated clogs, sluggish drainage, and the need for multiple flushes to clean the toilet bowl, then your toilet bowl is likely in need of a replacement. These are some of the critical signs to look out for;

    • Leaky toilets: Leaking toilet bowls always have a consistent running sound that can be infuriating. Our plumbers can repair most instances of toilets leaking by changing the toilet flanges, wax rings, and other parts. If the repairs do not provide a definite solution, then a toilet bowl replacement may become necessary.
    • Clogged toilets: Toilet bowls usually get clogged when there is an accumulation of foreign items in the system like hair, bunched-up tissue paper, or any other item that should not be found in the toilet bowl. Typically, a plunger should be able to unclog your toilet bowl. If this persists, you should consider a toilet bowl replacement rather than continue attempting to unclog the toilet.
    • Faulty parts: If you notice that parts of your toilet have malfunctioned or broken, and the items are irreplaceable, a toilet bowl replacement will become necessary.

With Mr Plumber, changing toilet bowls in Singapore can be done easily. All you need to do is to call us today for a free consultation at +65 6980 0909 or send us an email at to make an appointment.

Advantages of toilet bowl replacement

A toilet bowl replacement is always recommended when you have problems with your toilet because it can be considered a good investment in the comfort of your home. These are some of the reasons why a toilet bowl replacement in Singapore is always a great option compared to repairing the toilet bowl.

  • It helps to reduce the amount of water that your toilet uses. When you have a faulty toilet leaking into the bowl, a lot of water is wasted which tacks on additional costs on your utility bills.
  • Most toilet bowl replacements lead to more environmentally-friendly options being installed, making the upgrade worthwhile
  • Toilet bowl replacement costs are affordable and with a water efficient toilet bowl installed, it will help you save more money in utilities over time.
  • It improves home sanitary conditions and your well-being. A new, well-functioning toilet bowl is good for the health of your family and loved ones.


Toilet bowl brands and their popular products

When it comes to new apartments, owners might not want to have the default toilet bowl, so they would want to look into a more comfortable toilet bowl. Similarly, consumers would like to pick their own design for certain items in their household, so it’s of no surprise why certain toilet bowls are more desirable than others.

Here’s a list of popular brands that we have and their top-selling toilet bowl in Singapore  :

What you need to know about toilet bowl installation

It is essential to know a few things and the process of installing a toilet bowl so that you could also check on the toilet bowl installation process. Having a few tips about toilet bowls could come in handy when it comes to installation, replacement or even maintenance. And if you’re a practical person that likes to save on spending, you may even want to try installing the toilet bowl yourself.

Before installing the toilet bowl, it is vital to gather the main materials needed to install the toilet bowl so that the process runs smoothly. Installing a toilet bowl can be a very simple task compared to other plumbing works, and does not require any powered equipment.

  • Toilet

This is the primary item that you must have before any attempts at installing a toilet bowl. There are many brands in the market, each with its own attractiveness. Some popular brands in the market would be Baron and Saniton.

  • Wax ring

A wax ring prevents any leakage around the toilet bowl joint that is connected to the drainage pipe. It is usually placed around the flange (or the collar of the toilet bowl). An extended-height wax ring may be necessary if the flange is low.

  • Closet bolts

Closet bolts are used to secure the toilet bowl onto the ground so that it won’t move in place. You can opt to obtain self-adjusting bolts so that there is no need to cut the excess bolt length.

  • Toilet connector

These are flexible, braided steel connectors that can fit into the supply line located between the stop-valve and the flushing tank fitting. Its main role is to connect the supply to the flushing tank, supplying the tank with water.

  • Stainless steel washers

These act as the shimmers that fills up the gaps between nuts and bolts.

  • Torpedo level

In order to keep your toilet bowl levelled, a torpedo level will be very helpful to achieve that. It is even used by plumbers to help them with their jobs.

  • Adjustable wrench

When it comes to handy work at home, an adjustable wrench is a must-have in tightening the bolts and nuts of the work item, which in this case, is the toilet bowl.

  • Screwdriver

One of the many must have tools at home. There are certain screws that need to be screwed in place on the toilet bowl, and a screwdriver is necessary for this work.

After gathering the needed items, ensure that you have everything by checking the checklist for the toilet bowl. There are many ways to go about installing a toilet bowl, but we will go with assembling the toilet bowl first before installing it. Do note that the tank adds additional weight to the toilet bowl, so it may be better to attach it after installing the toilet bowl. Let’s assume that the area you are working on used to have a toilet bowl before, but it has been removed.

  1. Prepare the flange

Scrape off the old wax ring that was in place with a disposable item (i.e. newspaper). After removing the old wax ring, inspect the flange for any damages or cracks. If it is, it needs to be repaired before any other work can be done on it.

  1. Getting the closet bolt into position

With the self-adjusting bolts, slip the bolts onto both sides of the flange and lock the washers down into place.

  1. Apply wax ring

You can choose to apply the wax ring on the flange or on the toilet bowl collar. But it would be more efficient to apply the wax ring on the flange as the wax ring may fall off when moving the toilet bowl around. If the flange is too low, do use an extended-height wax ring so that the area is properly covered.

  1. Setting the toilet bowl

Carry the toilet bowl over the flange and align the holes above the closet bolts. After getting the toilet bowl into position, apply pressure and press the toilet bowl down on the floor into place.

  1. Place washers and nuts

Apply the washer over the bolts, and tighten the nuts manually with your hand.

  1. Leveling the toilet bowl

Make use of the torpedo level to check if the toilet bowl is even from front-to-back and side-to-side. If the toilet bowl is not leveled, apply the stainless-steel washers beneath the toilet bowl to shim the area until satisfactory. Thereafter, tighten the nuts on the closet bolts with a wrench (take note to ensure that it is not too tight as it might crack the porcelain toilet bowl). Then attach the bolt caps to hide the closet bolts.

  1. Install the supply line

There should be a water supply pipe extending out of the wall near the toilet. Connect the supply line there and attach it to the tank (if the tank has not been attached yet, do attach it first)

  1. Fill level

Once everything has been installed properly, the supply valve can be turned on to allow the tank to fill up. Inspect for any leakages and make adjustments to the fill valve to ensure that the water meets the fill line.

  1. Caulking the base

This step is mostly optional so as to enhance the aesthetics of the toilet bowl. Caulking refers to the application of a rubber sealant around the base of the toilet bowl. It is advised to leave a small gap around the caulk so that any leakages can be detected early.

Thus, concludes our walkthrough over the installation of a toilet bowl. If the process still puzzles you, it might be in your best interest to get a professional plumber to assist you with the installation process. The information above would be useful as a guide for you to run checks with the plumber during the installation process so that the toilet bowl can be installed without a hitch by the plumber. It can also provide you with extra assurance for the toilet bowl, and extra familiarity with the plumber so that if there are any other issues in the future, such as toilet bowl choke, the plumber would be able to pinpoint the issue easily.

Case study

Here are some of the cases of toilet bowl installation and replacement that our plumbers have undertaken (Click on the link to view the full project).







Why would I need toilet bowl replacement or repair?

Common reasons for a toilet bowl replacement are:

Continuous Clogging – If this happens more frequently than it should be, then it is better to replace the toilet to eradicate this problem permanently.

Cracked Toilet Bowl – Water will leak out of the cracks, which can cause your flooring to be damaged. This can lead to the growth of mildew, mould, and high water bills.

• Frequent need for repairs – If your toilet bowl has required multiple fixes in a short amount of time, it would be better to replace than to continue repairs.

Faulty Flushing – If the toilet flush works poorly or it flushes with too much water, it is better to invest in a new toilet bowl that can save water and reduce the need to constantly repair the toilet flush system.


How to choose the right toilet bowl?

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a toilet bowl:

Type & Features – Toilet bowls either come in 1-piece or 2-pieces, and can come with many features like different types of flush systems, self-cleaning mechanisms, and water saving technology.

Design & Size – Consider the different toilet bowl designs like the bowl shape, where the flush is located, and colour. It also comes in many different sizes, so that you can properly fit the toilet in your bathroom.

Seat Height – Toilets also come in varying heights for comfort and ease of use.

Flush System – There are many types of flush systems but each type of toilet bowl comes with its own already pre-installed. While picking a toilet bowl, consider the tank volume and the leakage potential. With the right choice, you can significantly reduce your water wastage and lower your monthly energy bills.


How do I solve my toilet bowl problems?

There can be a number of plumbing issues affecting toilet bowls in Singapore ranging from toilet bowl leaking to toilet bowl clogging. However, most of these are comparatively simple to solve and any business or homeowner can address this issue but some are a bit tricky and if done wrongly, you may have to replace the toilet bowl in Singapore. Learn more about top toilet bowl issues and how you may DIY first before calling a plumber.


How do I maintain my toilet bowl?

Here are some easy toilet maintenance tips that you should follow, in order to avoid major plumbing emergencies.

Clean the toilet bowl: This should be a no-brainer, as regularly cleaning the toilet bowl will eliminate foul smells, prevent corrosion and clogging of the toilet bowl.

Clean your tank:  Clear debris that may have ended up in your toilet tank, which may leak into your toilet bowl and cause future toilet chokes.

Take care of the flapper: If the wraps of the flapper or the rubber covering at the tank bottom are out of shape, there could be leakage of water.

Caulk your toilet: Re-caulk the area surrounding the toilet base to prevent water from leaking from the toilet bowl when the wax ring seal deteriorates.


What are some water-saving tips for my toilet bowl?

From water heaters in Singapore to flushing the toilet bowl, the average household uses about 151 liters of water per day, even for instant water heater users. Thus, it is important for you to know about these recommended ways to save water in the toilet, cash, and Earth.


Why call Mr Plumber for your toilet bowl installation?

It is essential to engage a reputable plumbing company like Mr Plumber Singapore to help you with your toilet bowl installation as it is not a simple DIY task.  Our in-depth expertise and experience in this area will prevent any errors like buying a toilet bowl of the wrong dimensions.  Our experienced plumbers are able to install HDB, Condo, and landed toilet bowls as seen from the cases we have done above.

Let our experienced and professional plumbers take care of your toilet bowl installation in Singapore. We get the installation done correctly the first time and give you a service guarantee on all our toilet bowl installations. We can also help you get toilet bowl prices and help you choose one that best suits your home’s living conditions. We have an affordable price list of plumbing services that can suit your needs. When your toilet fails to function properly, they can be many factors contributing to the issue. Having a reliable plumber to help you with the toilet bowl issue can help ease your mind.

WhatsApp us today for a free consultation at +65 8241 0032.

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