Solving Drain Choke / Floor Trap Choke issues in Singapore

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2020)

One of the most common plumbing problems experienced anywhere is clogged drain pipes. There could be several reasons behind drain pipes being clogged and the most common one is accumulation of dirt and residue in the pipes. Often large pieces of hair, dirt might not go inside the pipe and would be stuck over the drain but generally smaller particles of dust and hair can go inside the pipe and clog it.


With clogged drain pipe come other problems such as drain choke and floor trap choke, which means the floor traps are also filled with dirt and residue and the water is not getting cleared properly. The question that comes with a clogged drain pipe, clear floor trap choke and clear drain choke is how to fix them easily. There are certain home remedies that can be employed by anyone to fix any of these issues. In order to find out more about the remedies please read below:


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Ways to unclog a Drain Choke/Floor Trap choke

The first step in fixing a clogged drain pipe or clearing a clogged floor trap choke is to get the right plumbing tools. These tools can be found easily on the market, or even make it yourself with a few household ingredients.

Get the tools

The first step in fixing a clogged drain pipe or clearing a floor trap choke is to get the right tools. Generally, the problem starts with hair and dirt clogging the pipes and traps. So, in this case a tool you would need would be a drain plunger. The other home remedies tips and cleaning items involve, vinegar, baking soda, lemon to make a homemade solution for clearing the pipes.

Make your own Cleaning Solution

Most of the times clearing the floor trap grating regularly will keep the floor trap clean and water will not be clogged. But in case it’s clogged even after cleaning you can form a homemade solution of vinegar, baking soda and lemon which will act as a dissolvent of dirt and residue. The remedy is to put down hot water down the trap, and then put 3-4 spoons or half a cup of baking soda and leave it for 5 minutes, afterwards put one cup of vinegar and a cup of boiling water and leave it for 10 minutes. However, generally if there is accumulated dirt for a long time using the solution won’t work. In that case you could repeat the cleaning process a few times and if that doesn’t work then:


Get a Plunger

In that case you can use a draining plunger and clear the chokes. In case of clogged pipes removing the drain elbow joint and cleaning it will also be effective. In case you are unable to clear the drain with a plunger then you can:

Buy a Cleaner

Another easy fix to purchase drain cleaners and use them for cleaning the drain chokes regularly. There are many effective cleaners in the market will be prove to be a quick fix for cleaning drained pipes clearing floor trap chokes and clearing floor traps.


Use a Plumbing Snake

This is a common item that most plumbers that handles clog cases have. It is made up of a flexible coil of wire that can navigate through the drain/floor trap easily. After navigating the drain/floor trap, its main role is to apply pressure upon the cause of the choke, to break it down so that the drainage can flow again.

Wet/dry vacuum cleaner

A wet/dry vacuum cleaner works like a normal vacuum cleaner but is engineered to function in the presence of water bodies. Like a normal vacuum cleaner, it will suck in any waste that it is aimed at. However, in the case of a floor trap choke, this can only be done once the water has been sucked out. Once the water has been removed, a seal would need to be made around the area (i.e. with a towel) in order for the vacuum to be strong enough to suck the clog out.


Call a Professional Plumber

In case you’re facing another problem for which you don’t think there is a home remedy then you can call Mr Plumber and we will use our advanced tools and machinery to help you solve the issue fast and

Causes of drain/floor trap choke

There are many causes that could lead to a floor trap getting choked. Here are some of the main culprit causing the floor trap to choke

  • Hair

Most people lose about 100 strands of hair per day and the majority of this amount is lost in the shower. People on average spend about half an hour in the bathroom to shower. And when we shower and wash our hair, some pressure is exerted on our hair so that those loose hair that are about to drop, falls off easily. This amount is per 1 person only. Imagine a family of four. If the floor trap is not cleared of these hair on a regular basis and it mixes with other wash off objects, it will lead to a floor trap choke.


  • Soap

Soap, especially those solid bar soaps, can cause a choke to happen when a significant portion of the soap remains after the wash, causing it to reside on the floor trap. When the solid soap is not cleared, it will mix with any residual shower waste and lead to a floor trap choke.


  • Grease

Grease are oily substances that accumulates and build up in the pipes with the contribution of many oily substances. Grease build-up usually occurs around the kitchen floor trap area, causing the floor trap to choke.


  • Foreign objects

Sometimes foreign objects can find their way into the drainage pipe, which will cause the pipes to clog. These items can range from dead insects to solid food waste.


  • Dirt & Dust

Dirt and dust accumulates over time, especially around areas that are easily ignored. It will react with the surrounding water and form a solid substance after a while and begin to clog up the floor trap.


Tips to preventing drain choke/floor trap choke

We can all agree that prevention is better than treatment. So, it would be prudent to follow the useful tips we have compiled below:

  • Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance of your drainage pipes will ensure that your drainage pipes remains clog free. Sometimes certain items, like the ones mentioned above, gets into the system and will cause a clog. A professional and reliable plumber can help to detect these early signs of clogs and prevent it from escalating with regular pipe maintenance.

  • Install a lint catcher on your washing machine

Lint are tiny pieces of fabric, that gets washed down during the process of cleaning. Together with other items that may sometimes be seen to be inside your wash machine (i.e. Facial tissues), it will work its way through the drain hole and clog up the floor trap.  Having a lint catcher will enable these tiny materials to be trapped in it and easily disposed of without harming the drainage system.

  • Make use of bacterial drain cleaners

Occasional use of bacterial drain cleaner helps to clear away organic matters such as hair or food that may be trapped in the drainage pipe. Most bacterial drain cleaners are non-corrosive, so you have to worry about harming the pipe lines.

  • Avoid dumping cooking oil down the sink

Cooking oil can coagulate and form a semi-solid state over time if left untouched and in the open. If you pour it down the sink, it will form a clog together with any materials that gets stuck on it, leading to a possible choke. In order to avoid this, collect the used cooking oil in a container and dispose of it in the trash.

  • Install hair catchers

Hair and soaps are the main cause of shower drain clogs when they both come together. Install a wire mash at the drainage to catch any hair before it gets into the drainage system. The collected hairs and residuals can be disposed of easily by removing the wire mash from the floor trap.

  • Clear all food waste in the trash

When we say all food waste, we literally mean all food waste, even the tiny bit of rice grains left on your used bowl. This is because food waste can accumulate in the drainage system overtime due to its natural properties (e.g. Rice is stick in nature, so it is possible to stick to the drainage piping). You can install a waste catcher in your sink, and when you are doing the dishes, it will catch any food waste so that you can dispose of it when it becomes full.

Case Study

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Resolve your choke issues – Call a Professional Plumber

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