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Installing a bidet spray is known to provide much-needed convenience. However, it is critical to ensure that this is properly installed to prevent plumbing issues from occurring. At Mr Plumber Singapore, our team of experienced and highly-trained plumbers can install your bidet spray for you in no time. Besides that, they can easily replace your bidet spray should it experience any issues. WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032 to enquire more about our bidet spray services.

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Benefits of Purchasing and Installing a Bidet Spray For Your Bathroom

A bidet spray installation has been popular in many homes for a long time. Once you have installed a toilet bowl, a bidet spray is usually beside it. Moreover, there are many benefits of purchasing and installing a bidet spray for your bathroom.

It Is Easy To Use

Most people get confused when they first see a bidet spray. Once you have a bidet spray installation, you just have to switch the faucet on and aim the spray at the right position.

It Is Comfortable To Use


Although, many bidet sprays have different settings. If you need a strong flow, or you want a gentler wash, you can adjust your bidet accordingly.

It Reduces Plumbing Issues and Prevents Clogs

A toilet sprayer is great for your drainage system. When you use a bidet spray you will not be flushing as much toilet paper down the toilet which is a common cause of drainage pipe clogs.

It Doesn’t Take Up Too Much Space


Just like any bathroom accessory installation, installing a bidet spray does not take up too much space. Regardless of how small your bathroom is, the bidet spray can surely fit in.

It Has Many Functions

A bidet spray has many other functions as well that you can enjoy. For instance, if you want to wash something, although not near your sink or shower then simply wash it down using your bidet.

It Ensures Better Hygiene


After you use toilet paper you still are not completely clean, and some residue will remain on your skin. This is something you must completely remove, and the best way to do so is to use a bidet spray.

It Lowers Your Risk for Contamination

You can keep your bathroom clean and tidy by using a bidet spray. Using a bidet spray will help wash you thoroughly and remove every fecal matter from your body and thus the chances of other objects getting contaminated by you are rare.

It Lowers Your Risk for Skin Irritation


In case you have an anal fissure or hemorrhoids or other issues, then this is the time when you must call a plumber to help you install a bidet spray. This can prove to be a lot relaxing, and help prevent the problem from getting worse.

It Prevents Infection


Having a bidet spray installation is the best way to prevent cuts, wounds, and scrapes which easily can get infected if microorganisms including viruses, fungi, and bacteria get to them.

It Protects You Against Diseases

Some people urinate or excrete regularly, and this may need frequent wiping and cleaning. This is quite damaging since continuous rubbing with toilet paper can irritate the delicate skin. Even those who have the problem of hemorrhoids say that using a bidet makes their pain and irritation much less.

After learning about the benefits of purchasing and installing a bidet spray, find out how doing so can save you money.


How Can Buying And Installing A Bidet Spray Help Save You Money

Today, most families in Singapore prefer to install a bidet spray in their toilet bowl due to the many benefits. Apart from better hygiene, it can also help the family save a significant amount of money in the long term. Below, we discuss how buying and installing a bidet spray can help save you money.

It Is Not Expensive To Buy


One of the ways to save money on plumbing is buying and installing a good quality bidet spray. Nonetheless, some luxury bidets and bidet sprays may be expensive, there are also a large variety of bidet sprays available which are reasonably priced.

It Reduces Your Plumbing Expenses

In some cases, the toilet paper that is thrown into the toilet can cause clogging of the draining system, causing flooding of the bathroom. If this happens, there are ways to unclog your clogged toilet drain. Most families are unable to unclog the toilet, therefore they hire the services of a plumber.

You Use Less Toilet Paper


Toilet paper is a consumable which the family has to regularly purchase their preferred variety. Time and effort are required to buy toilet paper and deliver it to the home. Once a bidet spray installation is done, the need for toilet paper will be reduced, therefore less money is spent on purchasing it.

You Prevent Potential Medical Expenses


Cleaning using toilet paper does not remove all the residue and fecal matter which contains bacteria, it only gets rid of some dirt. On the other hand, to keep the bathroom clean and tidy, a bidet spray will wash away most of the dirt and bacteria.

Besides knowing how buying and installing a bidet spray can help save you money, you should also be aware of the pros of opting for stainless steel bidet spray installation.


Pros of Opting for Stainless Steel Bidet Spray Installation

Nowadays, plumbing installation such as bidet spray installation and water tap installation are popular. Bidet nozzles are available in various materials such as plastics, steel-coated plastics, aluminum-covered plastics, and stainless steel bidets. Here are the pros of opting for stainless steel bidet spray installation.

Increased Hygiene

Our stainless steel bidet spray includes a self-cleaning nozzle which ensures maximum hygiene after every use. Steel nozzles have a high rate of cleanability and quality. They are designed as anti-cracks and anti-pores that would otherwise trap bacteria, dirt, and fungus.

High-Quality Materials Mean Quality Build


Since bidet sprays are made up of stainless steel, they are higher quality and durable than aluminum and plastic bidets. This is the reason why most luxury bidet sprays include metal nozzles instead of plastic.



Since steel is known to be the sturdiest metal on earth. Therefore, using steel to make bidets means solid and durable items compared to plastic constructed bidets. It means that you will be using this product for a very long time without experiencing severe problems.

Excellent Performance

A bidet has a consistent and strong water flow as this helps clean gluey dirt around your toilet. In case the water flow is low, you might want to check the reasons for low water pressure in your home so it can be remedied quickly.

If you are unsure about what specific stainless steel bidet spray you should install, you may want to know more about what to consider when purchasing and installing a bidet spray.


What Should You Consider When Purchasing and Installing A Bidet Spray?

Most families in Singapore prefer to have a plumbing installation such as water tap installationshower installation, or a bidet spray installation. There is a wide variety of bidet sprays to choose from. Here are things you should consider when purchasing and installing a bidet spray.



Since every home will need a bidet spray installation, manufacturers are making a wide variety of bidet sprays. The family should first decide how much they wish to spend on the toilet sprayer.


The warranty offered by the seller on the bidet spray is an indication of how sturdy the bidet spray is. The bidet spray has good quality if a warranty of at least one year or more is offered. It means that the seller is confident that there are no plumbing repairs needed initially.

Water Pressure Control


While the most basic bidet sprays have fixed water pressure. Usually, the better bidet sprays have a provision for controlling the water pressure according to the preferability of the user. Therefore, if a family member has skin problems, installing a bidet spray with the option to easily adjust the water pressure is a good choice.

Style and Features

Most of the bidet sprays have a fixed nozzle. Those who wish to have more flexibility while cleaning should purchase a bidet spray. Expensive bidet spray models can provide more warm water, as it is better for cleaning.


The materials used for the bidet spray affect the durability and cost. Normally, installing bidet sprays that are made out of plastic is cheaper, although it is not durable.

Now that you know the things you should consider when purchasing and installing a bidet spray, find out what you should do in case it has low water pressure.


Why Does My Bidet Spray Have Low Water Pressure?

Just like any other plumbing installation such as water tap installationshower installation, a bidet spray installation can result in issues like low water pressure. Thus, here are things you should do in case your bidet spray has low water pressure.

Check for Leaks


Water pipe leaks and other common water leakages are the foremost cause of low water pressure. If you encounter weak pressure on the bidet, the issue could be due to the water supply fittings and hoses.

Check the Water Supply to The Bidet Spray


If you’re still experiencing too low a water supply, then make sure that the water supply to your bidet spray is full. If someone accidentally lessened the water supply of the bidet, then this can be a great reason for the low water pressure.

Adjust The Spray Head

To prolong the life of your plumbing system, it is very important to regularly check if you need to adjust your spray head. However, this is applicable if your spray has an adjustable handheld sprayer.

Check Your Home’s Water Pressure


If your bidet suddenly starts producing too low pressure, it can be a sign that something is wrong with your main water supply (which is one reason for low water pressure in the home). If you feel that the water pressure is too low for your liking, please seek assistance from your town council and they will either advise or dispatch a technician to check.

Check If Your Area Is Experiencing Water Failure

If you are still facing a water failure, this could be a major issue, such as water service interruption in the entire neighborhood. Although it is quite rare, we cannot disregard it completely. Potential issues other than service interruption could be corroded plumbing, broken pressure regulators, or clogged pipes.



Buying a bidet spray and installing it in your bathroom provides many benefits. Like other plumbing products however, it needs to be properly installed. Otherwise, issues such as severe water leaks could take place which could damage your home and increase your water bills. If you have recently purchased a bidet spray therefore, be sure to contact us at Mr Plumber Singapore. We can ensure that your bidet spray is properly installed for your utmost convenience. We also provide plumbing installation services for other plumbing products such as toilet bowls, taps and faucets, shower sets, and many others.


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