Benefits of Purchasing and Installing a Bidet Spray For Your Bathroom

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2022)

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A bidet spray installation has been popular in many homes for a long time. Once you have installed a toilet bowl, a bidet spray is usually beside it. Families in Singapore have considered installing a bidet spray, as it offers many benefits. 

At first, you may find this confusing and weird, and that is only because you have not likely heard about it before, or you have never known about its benefits. Let us learn about the benefits of having plumbing services install a bidet spray in your bathroom. 


Why Is A Bidet Spray Convenient?

It Is Easy To Use

Most people get confused when they first see a bidet spray. Once you have a bidet spray installation, you just have to switch the faucet on and aim the spray at the right position. Once you do, you will love it since it helps you stay clean after each wash.

It Is Comfortable To Use


A toilet bidet spray might seem to be an uncomfortable thing. Although, many bidet sprays have different settings. If you need a strong flow, or you want a gentler wash, you can adjust your bidet accordingly.

It Reduces Plumbing Issues and Prevents Clogs

A toilet sprayer is great for your drainage system. When you use a bidet spray you will not be flushing as much toilet paper down the toilet which is a common cause of drainage pipe clogs. This will make your bathroom pipe last for a longer period. Therefore, you will be free from plumbing issues, not at least for a very long time.

It Doesn’t Take Up Too Much Space


Just like any bathroom accessory installation, installing a bidet spray does not take up too much space. If you have a compact home, then you can choose a spray that can even be attached to your toilet. Thus, regardless of how small your bathroom is, the bidet spray can surely fit in. 

If you contact us at Mr Plumber Singapore, then you are making the right decision. Hiring our best-recommended plumbers can handle all your plumbing issues. After checking your home and understanding your needs, our experts can suggest the best bidet spray for your needs. We can even do the bidet spray installation for you. Our plumbers can quickly fix the common plumbing problems as well whenever you are in need.

It Has Many Functions

A bidet spray has many other functions as well that you can enjoy. For instance, if you want to wash something, although not near your sink or shower then simply wash it down using your bidet. Once you install a bidet spray, there are many benefits you will discover. 


How Does A Bidet Spray Benefit Your Health?

It Ensures Better Hygiene


After you use toilet paper you still are not completely clean, and some residue will remain on your skin. This is something you must completely remove, and the best way to do so is to use a bidet spray. A bidet spray can get rid of any residue from your skin. Since a bidet spray is usually beside a toilet bowl, it will also be very convenient to use.

It Lowers Your Risk for Contamination

Bowel movements can be a major issue if they end up contaminating other objects. Fortunately, you can keep your bathroom clean and tidy by using a bidet spray. Using a bidet spray will help wash you thoroughly and remove every fecal matter from your body and thus the chances of other objects getting contaminated by you are rare.

It Lowers Your Risk for Skin Irritation


Using dry toilet paper to clean up after using the bathroom can be quite rough on your skin. Dry toilet paper can make things worse for you if you have some rectal and anal conditions. In case you have an anal fissure or hemorrhoids or other issues, then this is the time when you must call a plumber to help you install a bidet spray. This can prove to be a lot relaxing, and help prevent the problem from getting worse.

It Prevents Infection


In case you already have cuts, wounds, and scrapes then they easily can get infected if microorganisms including viruses, fungi, and bacteria get to them. Having a bidet spray installation is the best way to prevent this problem. 

It Protects You Against Diseases

Most people in Singapore have installed bidet spray in their bathrooms since they know the benefits of various medical conditions.

For instance, some people urinate or excrete regularly, and this may need frequent wiping and cleaning. This is quite damaging since continuous rubbing with toilet paper can irritate the delicate skin. Even those who have the problem of hemorrhoids say that using a bidet makes their pain and irritation much less. If your installed bidet is having issues like water pipe leaks and other common water leakages, immediately contact the services of a plumbing expert. 

Having an installed bidet can also treat UTI, which is a result of bacteria entering the urinary tract. A bidet spray can clean the area thoroughly, and the chances of problems arising are very rare. 

Therefore, if you already have health issues, and you want to prevent illnesses, then using a bidet spray certainly will prove to be of much help. If you want to install a bidet spray in your home, there are tips to hire an affordable plumber in Singapore



There are several benefits of installing a bidet spray, and this is why most families have this in their homes. Having a bidet spray is convenient, hygienic, and enhances the bathroom experience. Additionally, a bidet spray can even fit in compact bathrooms. If you are planning to have a bidet spray installation, you may call us at Mr Plumber Singapore. Our plumbers use handy plumbing tools to do the task efficiently.  


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