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While it may seem like only apparent plumbing problems need fixing, most HDB flats suffer from hidden plumbing problems that are not entirely visible to the naked eye. This is where our HDB plumbing maintenance service comes in handy. We ensure that our clients’ plumbing systems are in tiptop condition to prevent future plumbing problems.

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HDB Plumbing Services That We Offer

1. Plumbing Installation, Replacement, and Repair

Like any home fixtures, those that have a plumbing system like water heaters, toilet bowl, faucets, and even showers tend to break done from time to time. Since such fixtures are often used regularly, don’t delay contacting a professional HDB plumber in Singapore and get them repaired as soon as possible.

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Aside from repair services, we also offer plumbing installation and replacement for the following:

2. Plumbing Chokes and Repair

Plumbing chokes are often associated with hair toilet paper clogging toilet bowls or food waste stuck in a drainage pipe below your kitchen sink. However, there more culprits causing a drain or floor trap to choke than you can imagine!

Floor trap chokes can also be caused by hair that mostly falls off in the shower, solid soap bars, grease from oily substances, foreign objects, and yes, even the seemingly harmless dirt and dust! Accumulation of such objects over time can inevitably lead to the dreaded floor trap choke. Make sure to get them professionally removed by a trusted HDB plumber in Singapore.

Here are the plumbing choke services that we offer:

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3. Water Pipe Leak Repair and Repiping Services

Leaking pipes are not only troublesome to deal with, but they can also severely damage your surrounding areas when not fixed immediately. In fact, most water leakages remain undetected until it affects fixtures such as electrical installations.

Don’t wait for such hazards to happen, contact an HDB plumber as soon as possible to avoid any potential accidents.

Here are 6 situations where you will need to call for a HDB plumber.


6 Situations To Call an HDB Plumber in Singapore

There are a variety of instances that might trigger a call to an HDB plumber. Here are 6 important ones that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Lack of Hot Water

When your shower tap does not release any hot water at all, this can be due to a failing water heater, damaged heating coil, or water supply problems. Since it is difficult to determine the source for this issue, it is best to ask an HDB plumber to identify the cause for you. With their expertise and swift skills, your water or shower mixer tap will supply you with hot water once more.

2. Water Heater Leak


An installed water heater can also leak due to pipe damage or defective wire connections. At first, the leak may seem minor but may eventually cause flooding over time if left unattended. By immediately calling an HDB plumber to inspect it, you will be able to determine whether your water heater is in need of minor repairs or if a complete water heater replacement is needed. You will also be able to avoid major accidents in case the leak is caused by an electrical issue.

3. Clogged Drain

Some homeowners unintentionally cause large amounts of waste to trickle into the drain of their bathtub or shower installation. When this happens, the drain can become clogged which may lead to flooding. Major pipe damage can also occur as a result which can lead to severe pipe leaks. Besides that, a drainage pipe clog can become a major health risk when it starts releasing bad odor. Thus, having a professional HDB plumber resolve it as soon as possible is important to avoid any harmful side effects it can bring.

4. Clogged Toilet Bowl


Like a sink or bathtub drain, toilet bowls chokes or clogs can happen when big amounts of waste are thrown into them. The clog can also be the result of long-term usage of the installed toilet bowl itself. Normally, minor clogs can be resolved with the use of a plunger or special cleaning solutions. However, if the clog is much more severe, you should seek assistance from a HDB plumber. They can easily determine the tools needed to clear your toilet bowl choke and whether any special repairs are necessary.

5. Leaking Tap

While some homeowners prefer to ignore their faucet’s water leaks, doing so can increase your water bills significantly. Furthermore, the leak itself can be extremely distracting if left unattended. Trying to DIY remedy the problem by changing the rubber washer or covering your bathroom or kitchen sink tap with plumbing tape only acts as a temporary solution. Therefore, you should stop delaying repairs and contact a HDB plumber once you notice constant dripping from your water tap. Doing so will allow you to have a much more durable faucet installed and reduce the risk of high water bills.

6. Leaking Pipe


Do you notice a sudden increase in your utility bill? This might be a sign of a pipe leak that should be immediately inspected and repaired by an HDB plumber in Singapore.

Look out for these other signs of a water pipe leak:

  • Sound of water dripping or rushing water inside walls
  • Standing water without any source insight
  • Growth of mold or water stains on walls or ceiling

As a result, flooding may also occur which can cause major damage to your home’s furniture and appliances. Thus, once you notice these symptoms, it is critical that you call a reliable HDB plumber as soon as you can. They can inspect your pipes and identify the exact cause of your PVC or copper pipe leaks and determine whether a water pipe repair or replacement is necessary.

If you are still unsure, here is a guide to help you confirm if you are still unsure if you really need to hire an HDB-approved plumber.


Do You Really Need To Hire An HDB-approved Plumber?

Beginning April 1, 2018, the Public Utility Board of Singapore (PUB) requires only licensed plumbers in Singapore to conduct major sanitary and plumbing works. As such, many homeowners who wish to engage plumbing services may only hire HDB-approved plumbers.

How Does A Plumber Become HDB-approved?

Reliable plumbers in Singapore can become HDB-approved once they apply for licensing and fulfill the licensing criteria. The plumbers’ training and skill level will be examined to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements for licensing.

When Is Hiring An HDB-approved Plumber Required?


It is compulsory to hire only reliable HDB plumbers in Singapore for complex plumbing work which is classified into two categories: clean drinking water and drainage. The HDB plumber will ensure that the drinking water is clean and free from contamination. Moreover, they need to check if all plumbing pipes are assembled according to the standard regulations so that no water leaks occur from the drainage system in the future.

However, not all plumbing problems require the assistance of a licensed plumber. According to the PUB, property owners and residents  can engage an unlicensed handyman for simpler works. Examples include tap and shower head replacement, washing machine hose connection, water heater piping, and nozzle replacement. When it comes to drainage, a handyman may also do wash basin installations as well as replace bathtubs, floor waste outlets, urinals, and waste pipes. They may also clean the pipes if a drainage pipe clog happens to be present.

What Are The Most Requested Plumbing Works For An HDB Plumber?


Most property owners want to opt for regular plumbing maintenance to avoid or resolve any immediate problems. As a result, many HDB plumbers are requested to do residential plumbing works. These often consist of fixing plumbing leaks, unclogging pipes, and repairing plumbing components. In addition, HDB plumbers are usually asked to replace parts such as taps, pipes, toilet bowls, basins, kitchen sink taps, and water heaters.

Unresolved plumbing issues such as plumbing chokes, leaks, failing water heaters, and others can be extremely convenient. But resolving them by yourself may cause you to be in violation of PUB regulations. As such, hiring an HDB-approved plumber is always the best option for such kinds of issues.

If you are looking to engage a HDB plumber to fix a plumbing issue, here are some things you should look out for when finding a reliable HDB plumber.


Things to Look Out for When Finding a Reliable HDB Plumber

With plumbing systems directly affecting an HDB flat’s water supply, it is important to ensure that they are well maintained to avoid any threat to health and safety. With this, here are the things to look out for when finding a reliable HDB plumber:

  • License

You should find out whether the HDB plumber has a valid plumbing license from PUB Singapore.

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  • Warranty

Check whether the HDB plumber offers a workmanship warranty. As for Mr Plumber Singapore, we offer a workmanship warranty that ranges from a week to a month, depending on a case by case basis.

  • Accreditation

Check whether the plumber is accredited by reputable organizations such as NTUC or The National Trades Union Congress – which is also referred to as SNTUC or Singapore National Trades Union Congress. With an NTUC plumber, you can be assured of the legitimacy of the professional and his ability to offer services for your home or office.

  • Experience level

Aside from license and accreditation, ensure that the PUB licensed HDB plumber has a clean record with a range of successful plumbing projects and positive reviews in the books. A good estimate would be at least four to five years of experience. This guarantees that the plumber has enough years of experience to hone their plumbing skills and expertise.

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If you are looking for HDB plumbing services, do not hesitate to contact Mr Plumber Singapore. Our team of plumbing specialists is well-trained to perform a wide range of plumbing services, and have completed many HDB plumbing works in Singapore.

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