Do You Really Need To Hire An HDB-approved Plumber?

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Beginning April 1, 2018, the Public Utility Board of Singapore (PUB) requires only licensed plumbers in Singapore to conduct major sanitary and plumbing works. This is to improve plumbing standards in the country and to also ensure that plumbers are adequately trained and are equipped with the proper knowledge and skills to do their work properly. As such, many homeowners who wish to avail of plumbing services may only hire HDB-approved plumbers.

How Does A Plumber Become HDB-approved?

Reliable plumbers in Singapore can become HDB-approved once they apply for licensing and fulfill the criteria given by the licensing body. This body examines the training and skill level of plumbers to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements for licensing. Once a recommended plumber is licensed, they’ll be able to access the licensed plumber portal and update their contact details, check feedback on their plumbing works, and receive notifications on new rules and regulations.

When Is Hiring An HDB-approved Plumber Required?


All homeowners are mandated to hire only reliable HDB plumbers in Singapore for complex plumbing work which is classified into two categories: clean drinking water and drainage. The HDB plumber’s task is to ensure that the clean drinking water is free from contamination. Moreover, they need to check if all plumbing pipes are assembled according to the given standards so that no water leaks occur from the drainage system at a later date.

Not all plumbing problems require the assistance of a licensed plumber, however. According to the PUB, property owners and residents may enlist an unlicensed handyman for simpler plumbing works. These include tap and shower head replacement, washing machine hose connection, water heater piping, and nozzle replacement. When it comes to drainage, a handyman may also do washbasin installations as well as replace bathtubs, floor waste outlets, urinals, and waste pipes. They may also clean those pipes if a drainage pipe clog happens to be present.

What Are The Most Requested Plumbing Works For An HDB Plumber?


Most property owners want to opt for regular plumbing maintenance to avoid or resolve any immediate problems. As a result, many HDB plumbers are requested to do residential plumbing work. These often consist of fixing plumbing leaks, unclogging pipes, and repairing plumbing components. In addition, HDB plumbers are usually asked to replace parts such as taps, pipes, toilet bowls, basins, kitchen sink taps, and water heaters.



Unresolved plumbing issues such as plumbing chokes, leaks, failing water heaters, and others can be extremely convenient. But resolving them by yourself may cause you to be in violation of PUB regulations. As such, hiring an HDB-approved plumber is always the best option for such kinds of issues. To enlist one with the best experience, feel free to contact Mr Plumber Singapore. We ensure that our crew of professional plumbers and reliable plumbing contractors provide homeowners with the best kind of service available.


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