6 Situations You Will Need to Call For an HDB Plumber

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Plumbing problems are among the most troublesome issues any homeowner can face. Fortunately, you can resolve these by seeking help from a HDB plumber. Since HDB plumbers are well-trained to conduct most types of plumbing works, you can rely on them to provide you with any plumbing services that you might need.

Engaging a HDB plumber can also help you get rid of certain plumbing problems which can only be solved by HDB plumbers, such as defects with your shower set. Here are 6 common plumbing issues which require an HDB plumber’s residential plumbing services.


1. Lack of Hot Water

Showering or bathing with hot water can help you wash better. However, there can be some instances where your shower tap does not release any hot water at all. This can be due to a failing water heater, damaged heating coil, or water supply problems. Since the source for this plumbing issue is difficult to trace, it is best to ask an HDB plumber to identify the cause for you. That way, you can quickly ensure that your water or shower mixer tap supplies you with hot water once more.

2. Water Heater Leak


At times, an installed water heater can leak due to pipe damage or defective wire connections. Although the leak may seem minor at first, it can eventually cause flooding over time if left unattended. By immediately calling an HDB plumber to inspect it, you will be able to determine whether your water heater is in need of minor repairs or if a complete water heater replacement is needed. You will also be able to avoid major accidents in case the leak is caused by an electrical issue.

3. Clogged Drain

Some homeowners unknowingly cause large amounts of waste to trickle into the drain of their bathtub or shower installation. When this happens, the drain can become clogged and can even cause flooding. Major pipe damage can also take place as a result which can lead to severe pipe leaks. Besides that, a drainage pipe clog can become a major health risk once it reaches the stage where it produces a bad odor. Thus, be sure to have a professional HDB plumber resolve it as soon as possible so that you can avoid any harmful side effects it can bring.

4. Clogged Toilet Bowl


Like a sink or bathtub drain, toilet bowls chokes or clogs can happen when big amounts of waste are thrown into them. The clog can also be the result of long-term usage of the installed toilet bowl itself. Normally, minor clogs can be resolved with the use of a plunger or special cleaning solutions. However, if the clog is much more severe, you should seek assistance from an HDB plumber. They can easily determine the tools needed to clear your toilet bowl choke and whether any special repairs are necessary.

5. Leaking Faucets

While some homeowners prefer to ignore their faucet’s water leaks, doing so can cause your water bills to rise significantly. Furthermore, the leak itself can be extremely distracting if left unattended. Trying to DIY remedy the problem by changing the rubber washer or covering your bathroom or kitchen sink tap with plumbing tape only acts as a temporary solution. Therefore, you should stop delaying repairs and contact an HDB plumber once you notice constant dripping from your water tap. Doing so will enable you to have a much more durable faucet installed and reduce the risk of high water bills.

6. Leaking Pipes


Water pipe leak problems often result from pipe damage such as cracks and holes. In most cases, they manifest themselves by causing dampness in the walls and dripping from the ceiling. As a result, flooding may also occur which can cause major damage to your home’s furniture and appliances. Thus, once you experience this problem, it is critical that you call a reliable HDB plumber as soon as you can. Through the use of special diagnostic equipment, they can help you inspect your pipes and identify the exact cause of your PVC or copper pipe leaks. Furthermore, they can easily determine whether a water pipe repair or replacement is necessary.


By calling a recommended HDB plumber to resolve your plumbing problems for you, you can prevent any major damage to your home as well as exceedingly high water bills. Furthermore, you will be able to prevent accidents that might take place if you were to fix some of these problems yourself. For professional plumbing services, make sure to contact Mr Plumber Singapore. Our plumbers are among the most professional in Singapore due to their wide experience in conducting different plumbing works. See our price list to know more about the costs of their services.


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