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If you have a clogged sink, or if you have a bad case of sink choke then you will understand how important it is for you to get the issue sorted out. Kitchen sink choke can come at the worst possible time, and toilet sink choke is just as bad in some instances. That brings about the question, what is a kitchen sink choke or a toilet sink choke?

Whether it is a kitchen sink choke or a toilet sink choke, always look for a reliable plumber you can trust to resolve your problems. Mr Plumber Singapore has a range of experienced plumbers that are trained in handling all sorts of plumbing works on top of resolving sink chokes. Call us today at +65 6980 0909 to make an appointment or send an email to for any enquiries you may have.

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Types of Sink Choke

When it comes to sink choke/clogged sinks in Singapore, there are generally 2 types, kitchen sink choke, and toilet sink choke. Each of the sink chokes has common causes and different causes. We will discuss more of the 2 types below:

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Kitchen Sink Choke

The main reason why a lot of households experience problems with choking is because of oil that has gathered up over the years. Fats and oil will solidify and cause choke problems. On top of this, you may even find that debris has been washed down the sink as well. Always make sure there is a strainer to prevent such items from being trapped. In rare cases, you may find that the cement from your recent build has been poured down the sink and this is something that you will want to avoid at all times.

Toilet Sink Choke

The main cause of toilet sink choke is due to the accumulation of hair particles after many years of usage. Other times, common household items that are used for grooming may also be trapped, for example, cotton swabs, tissue paper, or even cotton balls.

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Causes of Sink Choke

There are many types of causes for sink chokes. The following are some examples of the causes involved.


One of the most common reasons why a kitchen sink clogs are due to food. When we wash off leftover food from our plates and into the drain, the food can accumulate in the pipe system and cause congestion. These sinks usually have a P/J-trap that enables large residues to be caught to keep it out of the pipe system. Thus, when the food accumulation overloads, it will cause congestion. Due to the congestion, the drainage cannot function properly.

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When it comes to sink clogs, grease makes up a majority of the plumbing cases. Grease is mostly made up of oil accumulation. Due to their natural properties, these clog-inducing substances create a sticky situation in the pipes that will trap food waste and other sediments that will develop into a clog over time. These types of clogs are hard to resolve and if not resolved properly, they will easily develop again.

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Hair clogs are mostly found in bathroom drains and bathroom sinks. The accumulation of the hair can be mixed with the sludge in the pipes and amass over time. This will develop into a solid ball of mass that will clog the sinks.

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Small objects

Small objects can be anything ranging from children’s toys to bolts & nuts that somehow finds their way into the sink drainage system. These items often go undetected until a clog happens. When mixed with the rest of the clog-causing subjects, it will completely block off the drainage pipe.

Tips For Preventing Clog Sinks

Resolving clog sinks can be tricky. Prevention is better than solution, so it is better to keep some prevention tips in mind so that you can prevent any clogs at home.

    • Always use a drain strainer when doing the dishes. This will enable any food waste to be trapped on the drain strainer and prevent it from going down the drain pipes.
    • When disposing of used oil or grease, do not pour it down the sink but instead pour the used oil or grease into a sealable container and dispose of the container in the trash bin.
    • Keep a habit of pouring boiling water down the kitchen sink drain once a week. This will melt any grease or oil that may have collected inside the pipes. Do note to take special precautions when handling boiling water so as to avoid splashing.
    • For bathroom sinks, regularly clean the drain stoppers as hair, soap residues and other foreign wash-offs can gather on the stoppers of the sink which can contribute to slow drainage and eventually clogs.
    • Make use of enzyme cleaning agents, which you can get from local supermarkets, on a monthly basis. These enzyme cleaning agents contain natural enzymes and bacteria that can remove build-up in the pipe system.

    • Employ the help of drain screens, like drain strainers, adds as an object-catcher that catches any waste materials such as hair, soap residues, and foreign wash-offs that are maybe too big for the drain or may cause a build-up in the drain.
    • If there’s any painting to be done at home, never dispose of the leftover paint or paint thinner down the drain as this will contribute greatly to clogs.

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Solving Clogged Sink issues

If you want to put an end to all of your worries when it comes to your sink choke then there are a couple of things that you can do about this. The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you try and plunge the drain. Take your plunger and place it over the drain that is blocked. When you have done this, try and use a downward motion to loosen up the problem. You may need to take the plunger and use it on the drain many times before this gets sorted out, but you shouldn’t need to do it too many times in order to see a result.

If the choke is due to grease or food waste, there may be a possibility of using clogged drain home remedies like chemicals, vinegar, or even hot boiling water to dissolve the grease.

The next thing that you can do is use a plumbing snake or place a wire down the drain to try and dislodge whatever is there, but if you aren’t successful with this then you should try and call a professional plumber to help you out.

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Seek Professional Help For Your Clogged Sink Issues

At Mr Plumber Singapore, we have solved thousands of cases of clogged sink issues and we use the latest equipment and technique to help you solve the choke issues without any worry.

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