Pros of Opting for Stainless Steel Bidet Spray Installation

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Nowadays, plumbing installations such as bidet spray installation and water tap installation are popular. Bidet nozzles are available in various materials such as plastics, steel-coated plastics, aluminum-covered plastics, and stainless steel bidets. The materials of the bidet nozzles have their merits and demerits in regards to hygiene, durability, quality, and effectiveness. Although, when it comes to hygiene and durability, steel bidet sprays are incomparable. Here are the pros of choosing steel-bided nozzle installation.


Increased Hygiene


If you are looking for hygienic bathroom apparatus, then consider installing a stainless steel bidet bathroom spray. You also like to know whether the bidet spray will keep the bathroom clean and tidy as well. Our stainless steel bidet spray includes a self-cleaning nozzle which ensures maximum hygiene after every use. Steel nozzles have a high rate of cleanability and quality. They are designed as anti-cracks and anti-pores that would otherwise trap bacteria, dirt, and fungus.

Furthermore, the steel toilet sprayers clean faster than their counterpart’s aluminum and plastic bidets. This is the reason why Mr Plumber Singapore sells stainless steel bidet sprays and does bidet spray installation as well. Most property owners choose stainless steel bidet hygiene-sensitive places like the toilet. 


High-Quality Materials Mean Quality Build


Since bidet sprays are made up of stainless steel, they are higher quality and more durable than aluminum and plastic bidets. This is the reason why most luxury bidet sprays include metal nozzles instead of plastic. However, there are still a few brands that are still using plastics to construct nozzles. Be careful in purchasing plastic-constructed nozzles as they are claiming that they are of high quality.

If you are wondering how to quickly find a reliable plumber in Singapore, you may contact us at Mr Plumber Singapore. Not only do we provide plumbing services like plumbing installation or replacement, but we also sell stainless steel bidet sprays that are super engineered while observing the highest level of hygiene and quality. We ensure you have a reliable and clean bidet.

These toilet sprayers come on a smooth surface so that you don’t have to deal with cracks and pores around the exterior at all times. This is the reason why bidet sprays are popular in cafes, restaurants, hotels, and public and private areas where maximum hygiene is a must. Installing bidet sprays can ensure you have a clean and stylish bathroom at the same time.  




Since steel is known to be the sturdiest metal on earth. Therefore, using steel to make bidets means solid and durable items compared to plastic constructed bidets. It means that you will be using this product for a very long time without experiencing severe problems. This is one of the ways to save money on plumbing. In case you are planning to install a bidet spray, remember the things to consider when engaging a plumber in Singapore


Excellent Performance

A bidet has a consistent and strong water flow as this helps clean gluey dirt around your toilet. In case the water flow is low, you might want to check the reasons for low water pressure in your home so it can be remedied quickly. By installing bidet spray, you do not have to physically clean your hands. 



Most property owners in Singapore prefer to install a stainless steel bidet spray due to its hygienic purpose. A steel bidet nozzle is made up of quality materials, making it durable and exceptional. If you want to install a bidet spray, hire the best recommended plumber like Mr Plumber Singapore. Our plumbing experts can efficiently do the bidet spray installation as they have the proper training and the handy plumbing tools to complete the task. 


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