How Can Buying And Installing A Bidet Spray Help Save You Money

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Most people in Singapore used toilet paper to clean up after using the toilet. Although, in Europe and Japan, bidet sprays are widely used. Today, most families in Singapore prefer to install a bidet spray in their toilet bowl due to the many benefits. Apart from better hygiene, it can also help the family save a significant amount of money in the long term. Here are some reasons why people in Singapore contact plumbing services for bidet spray installation are discussed below. 


It Is Not Expensive To Buy


One of the ways to save money on plumbing is buying and installing a good quality bidet spray. Nonetheless, some luxury bidets and bidet sprays may be expensive, there are also a large variety of bidet sprays available which are reasonably priced. Therefore, most people living in Singapore are looking for a quality bidet spray that is affordable. If you are looking for the best recommended plumber in Singapore, then you may contact us at Mr Plumber Singapore. We will give honest feedback on the bidet sprays available, and get them installed by one of our plumbers. 


It Reduces Your Plumbing Expenses

After the toilet paper has been used, it is then thrown away into the toilet where it decomposes to form sediment. In some cases, the toilet paper that is thrown into the toilet can cause clogging of the draining system, causing flooding of the bathroom. If this happens, there are ways to unclog your clogged toilet drain. Most families are unable to unclog the toilet, therefore they hire the services of a plumber. If very little or no toilet paper is flushed down the toilet, there is no chance of clogging or other plumbing issues are greatly reduced.


You Use Less Toilet Paper


Larger families usually use one roll of toilet paper in three days or even less. Toilet paper is a consumable that the family has to regularly purchase their preferred variety. Time and effort are required to buy toilet paper and deliver it to the home. Once a bidet spray installation is done, the need for toilet paper will be reduced, therefore less money is spent on purchasing it. This will help the environment since you lessen the use of toilet paper. 


You Prevent Potential Medical Expenses


Cleaning using toilet paper does not remove all the residue and fecal matter which contains bacteria, it only gets rid of some dirt. On the other hand, to keep the bathroom clean and tidy, a bidet spray will wash away most of the dirt and bacteria. The user can also avoid contaminating other areas, water with fecal matter which causes health problems if he uses a bidet spray. Wiping with toilet paper can cause skin irritation, thus it is ideal to clean with a bidet spray. Individuals who use the toilet frequently because of health problems will also find the spray better for cleaning. 



Aside from the benefits of having a bidet spray, it can also help you save money. A bidet spray is affordable, reduces plumbing expenses, uses less toilet paper, and prevents medical expenses. These are the reasons why people in Singapore prefer installing a bidet spray instead of buying rolls of tissue paper. If you are looking for reliable plumbing services, do not hesitate to give us a call at Mr Plumber Singapore. Our plumbing experts are highly trained to conduct any plumbing installation, replacement, or repair.


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