Why Does My Bidet Spray Have Low Water Pressure?

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Just like any other plumbing installation such as water tap installation, shower installation, or bidet spray installation, it will experience issues like low water pressure. Thus, you are wondering what could be wrong with your system? Low water pressure is usually caused by various factors such as water leaks, low water pressure at your home, and wrong spray setting, among others. If you are facing low bidet water pressure, do not worry. Fortunately, you can do a few things to reduce the low water problem in your toilet bidet spray.


Check for Leaks


Water pipe leaks and other common water leakages are the foremost cause of low water pressure. There are ways to detect and fix a water leak, put a small piece of toilet paper around the joint you’re suspecting of leaks and turn on the bidet. Once you notice that the toilet paper is wet, then there is a leak. If you encounter weak pressure on the bidet, the issue could be due to the water supply fittings and hoses.


Check the Water Supply to The Bidet Spray


If you’re still experiencing too low a water supply, then make sure that the water supply to your bidet spray is full. If someone accidentally lessened the water supply of the bidet, then this can be a great reason for the low water pressure. Aside from that, it is also important to know the plumbing maintenance tips to prevent pipe leakage and water pipe leaks. The water supply tap is usually installed behind the toilet wall. If your water system comes with an at-valve that has a pressure regulator, then make sure to open it as well. 

One of the common misconceptions about plumbing is that low water pressure from time to time is fine. Keep in mind that clogged water pressure can lessen the water flow into your bidet spray. Water pressure in the bidet is directly proportional to the water influx, thus any reduction of water flow into the bidet implies overall low water pressure. A pressure regulator resembles a level found on a t-adapter that is free from any connection.


Adjust The Spray Head

To prolong the life of your plumbing system, it is very important to regularly check if you need to adjust your spray head. However, this is applicable if your spray has an adjustable handheld sprayer. This is owing to the fact that some spray heads have softer/wider settings. Whereas most handheld bidets do not support adjustments, that does not mean disregarding completely. If you want to install a bidet spray that has an adjustable sprayer, you can consider narrowing the sprayer width since this can help raise your water pressure, thus making it more intense and stronger.


Check Your Home’s Water Pressure


If your bidet suddenly starts producing too low pressure, it can be a sign that something is wrong with your main water supply (which is one reason for low water pressure in the home). For instance, a very high water pressure constantly results in leaks which in turn reduce water pressure. If you feel that the water pressure is too low for your liking, please seek assistance from your town council and they will either advise or dispatch a technician to check.


Check If Your Area Is Experiencing Water Failure

If you are still facing a water failure, this could be a major issue, such as water service interruption in the entire neighborhood. Although it is quite rare, we cannot disregard it completely. Potential issues other than service interruption could be corroded plumbing, broken pressure regulators, or clogged pipes. Once you are experiencing low water pressure, contact a plumbing expert as this is a common problem that plumbers can quickly fix.



If you just had a bidet spray installation done in your bathroom, and you are already experiencing low water pressure from it, this can be due to several reasons. It is usually caused by leaks, blocked water pressure, reduced water pressure in your entire home, or water failure. Once you detect a problem with your bidet spray, check on how to quickly find a reliable plumber.  

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