Things to Note During A Toilet Bowl Installation

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

It’s not surprising that there are many reasons why people would want to replace their toilet bowl, especially since it is a highly important fixture of any home. In fact, it’s vital to opt for a toilet bowl replacement once you experience toilet bowl issues such as cracks and plumbing leaks or in case your home needs to undergo renovation.

In this article, we explore four things you should remember in case you wish to replace your toilet bowl.

Always Take Note of Existing HDB Regulations

Though an HDB permit isn’t required for sanitary and plumbing works, they are essentially still subjected to important HDB renovation protocols. For instance, homeowners are barred from modifying their existing bathroom floor finishes within three years of their block’s completion date. Meanwhile, another guideline prescribes that nails and screws be situated away from concealed water pipes.

To avoid violating any HDB renovation guidelines, it’s best that you have a professional HDB plumber install your toilet bowl.

Organize Your Renovation Sequence Before Installing


Mistakes can sometimes occur during bathroom renovations without proper planning. To avoid them, it’s important to determine the order by which certain areas are to be renovated. For instance, when doing a toilet bowl installation, it’s best to install the toilet bowl before tiling the bathroom floor. Seek the help of reliable plumbing services should you face difficulty with this process.

Consider Your Toilet Bowl’s Size


Correctly estimating measurements is essential to avoid defects during renovations. As such, it’s important that you properly measure your bathroom’s size before rehabilitating it. This applies as well to your bathroom fixtures such as your sink, shower sets, and water heater. Most of all, make sure to assess the proper size of your toilet bowl in order to prevent any discomfort while using it.

Never Forget to Plan Your Budget Wisely


Planning your budget wisely is essential when purchasing the right toilet bowl for your household. One must therefore take maintenance cost into consideration when deciding which toilet bowl to install. Other factors such as special requirements and fixture type need to also be considered since they affect the overall price for the toilet bowl replacement process.

Additionally, while toilet bowls share similar designs, they can vary when it comes to performance, quality, efficiency, and comfort level. So when planning your budget, make sure to keep these factors in mind to ensure that you purchase the right toilet bowl for your home.

Top Toilet Bowl Brands

If you’re still unsure on which toilet bowl to purchase, feel free to explore the following brands:



TOTO toilet bowls originate from Japan and are designed to be water-efficient and easily cleanable. They also consist of different types and prices, with a classic one-piece TOTO toilet bowl costing $1,260 and a modern styling one-piece costing $1,860.


baron-logo-toilet-bowl-installation-mr-plumber-singapore 1

Baron is highly notable since its products come with an ISO 9001:2000 International Quality System Certification. In addition, it offers a wide array of sanitary ware in different designs and which are highly affordable. For instance, a two-piece Baron toilet bowl costs around $200 while a one-piece Baron toilet bowl is priced at $530.



This brand’s catalogue includes sanitary wares which are affordably priced for Singaporeans. In addition, they consist of natural raw materials sourced internationally and are of the highest quality. As such, Saniton toilet bowls are extremely durable and range around $210 to $350.


Installing a toilet bowl requires many technical processes. But for as long as you keep in mind the four things mentioned beforehand, you can make sure that yours is set up as quickly as possible. For best results, contact Mr Plumber Singapore for assistance.

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