Avoid These Cheap Plumber Scams in Singapore

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Over the years, many homeowners in Singapore have been scammed by various cheap plumbers offering substandard plumbing services. In most cases, they end up losing vast amounts of money and fail to have the plumbing repairs or replacements they needed completed properly. There are even those who experience plumbing leaks or gas leaks which did not exist beforehand.

In order to prevent you from losing money when opting for services like waterproofing or plumbing choke repairs, here are some ways to avoid cheap plumber scams in Singapore:

Check the Plumber’s Purchased Items


As is the case with plumbing tools, cheap plumbers often make use of substandard plumbing components which are not very durable. This can lead to severe water leaks which can damage your furniture and household items. Important plumbing appliances such as your water heater may also malfunction as a result. Thus, before engaging a plumber, check that the items they have purchased (e.g. pipes, pipe fittings, faucets, and valves) are of high quality. Otherwise, you might end up spending heavily on the toilet or washbasin repairs.

Check The Plumber’s Servicing Costs


Many cheap commercial and HDB plumbers provide services at very low prices. Though this might seem attractive to those in need of affordable plumbing solutions, said plumbers actually end up charging extra for additional plumbing works which are not required. Some even ask for hefty payments to purchase substandard plumbing items. Moreover, certain plumbers even damage their clients’ plumbing systems further so that they can increase their servicing costs. In order for you to avoid such issues, be sure to negotiate a contract with your commercial or emergency plumber before hiring their services. If they refuse, then it might be best to contact a more transparent professional.

Look Into The Plumber’s Work Experience


Professional commercial or HDB plumbers in Singapore should have wide-ranging experience in handling different types of plumbing work. Thus, before hiring a plumber, make sure to probe them about how long they have been in the plumbing business and the kinds of common plumbing problems they have handled. You can also ask them for a portfolio to check for physical documentation of their work history. Should they show any sign of unfamiliarity or lack the necessary documentation, it might be better to call a plumber with a much broader skill set.

Check If The Plumber Is Properly Licensed or Certified

Before you decide on engaging a plumber, check if they have the necessary license or certifications to conduct complex plumbing works. That way, you will be able to guarantee that they have the proper knowledge and skills to solve your plumbing issues for you. You also will not have to be concerned about their ability to purchase the best plumbing products and parts that you need. If the person you are thinking of hiring fails to produce adequate proof of their qualifications, consider contacting a more reliable plumber instead. If not, you may end up spending more on servicing than is originally required.

Check Their Reviews or Recommendations

In order to hire a well-qualified HDB or emergency plumber, try checking some online reviews to see how certain plumbers have been rated by past clients. Otherwise, you can explore some online forums and ask for recommendations for licensed professionals instead. This will enable you to have a broader network of commercial and HDB-approved plumbers to hire especially for when you face plumbing problems again in the future. Furthermore, it can help minimize your risk of hiring individuals who may not be properly trained to provide long-lasting commercial or HDB plumbing services.


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