Features To Have In a Brand-New Water Heater Before Purchasing In Singapore

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When choosing an appropriate instant or storage water heater to install in your home, it’s important to consider the features it should contain. So in line with that, here are some recommended features which your water heater should have:


Recommended Water Heater Features


Digital Display Panels: Some modern storage or instant water heaters include digital display panels for setting customization. These can be extremely convenient as they allow you to adjust your water tank’s temperature and even your water pressure. That way, you can avoid common water heater issues which can be caused by manual adjustment.

Tanks Made of Glass Lining: Many homeowners struggle with a water heater tank that corrodes over time. Fortunately, newer instant and storage water heater tanks are made of glass sheets to avoid this problem. As a result, they are more durable and can last for a longer period of time.

Brass Drain Valves: Whether they be from cheap brands or best-selling water heater brands, all water heaters include a drain valve that is made of either plastic or brass. Brass drain valves are considered more durable since they’re not as prone to wear and tear and water leaks. As a result, they can be utilized for a much longer period.

Anti-scale Systems: Many water heaters (even multipoint water heaters) include anti-scale systems. These can be very helpful as they are meant to prevent scaling by turning mineral deposits into tiny particles. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your water heater failing because of a mineral deposit build-up.

Energy efficiency: Besides allowing you to save money on plumbing, make sure that the water heater you purchase is energy efficient. By doing so, you’ll be able to avoid having to pay high energy bills. Try installing an instant water heater over a traditional storage-tank water heater in that case.

High Water Storage Capacity: For you to be able to maximize your water usage, have a reliable plumber install a model with high water storage capacity. That way, you’ll be able to store and use hot water for a long period of time.


Kinds of Water Heater Fuel Sources


Water heaters use various kinds of fuel sources such as the following:

Electricity: Most households in Singapore use electric current to fuel their storage or instant water heaters. In this case, two heating elements are used to heat the water, specifically one near the bottom of the tank and one near the top. The current enters through the top portion and then passes through the temperature cut-off switch before reaching the thermostat.

Gas/propane: For their water heater installation, some homeowners prefer to make use of gas or propane as a fuel source. This is kindled at the burner by a pilot light and afterward, the resulting reaction is used to heat up the water.

When it comes to gas water heaters, many HDB plumbers in Singapore advise residents to vent the fumes outdoors as they are harmful to breathe. Moreover, any combustible materials need to be kept away from the water heater so as to prevent any residential plumbing emergencies.

Outdoor Heat: When it comes to their residential plumbing, some homeowners may prefer to install hybrid water heaters. These are quite unique in that instead of using electricity or gas, they make use of outdoor air to heat up water. That said, they are more expensive to purchase and consume more energy. So you may want to consider these before engaging a plumber to install one in your home


Advanced Technologies Used In Water Heaters Today


Many modern water heaters in the Singapore market contain enhanced features such as the following:

Dry Fire Protection: This feature ensures that your tank is filled before the heating process is initiated. Doing so prevents the upper portion of the water heater from burning out when there isn’t any water to heat. As a result, you won’t have to worry about any issues occurring which would require fixing by an emergency plumber.

Energy Efficient Systems: Be it Ariston water heaters or Rheem water heaters, many modern heaters today only make sure to heat water only when needed and at a quick pace. As a result, they are more energy-efficient and allow their users to conserve their electricity use.

Smart Technology: Like modern toilet bowls, most water heaters in the market today make use of smart technology. This allows users to adjust their water heater’s settings so as to avoid extreme water pressure and scalding while using their shower set.

Premium Electric Gas Valves: Premium electric gas valves are considered a must-have in most water heaters in the market. This is because they allow users to better control their water temperature thus providing much needed reliability. In addition, they can be used almost immediately since any recommended plumber can easily install them.

Built-in Wi-Fi: Many water heaters today used for residential or commercial plumbing include a built-in Wi-Fi system. This allows you to control your water temperature remotely as well as switch it off. Moreover, it can also send a signal whenever you’re low on hot water. As a result, it is extremely convenient and can even allow users to conserve their electricity usage once installed by non-emergency plumbing services.



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