10 Best Instant and Storage Water Heaters in Singapore To Choose From

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

With so many water heaters in the market today, customers find it very difficult to zero down on a single brand. As such, we at Mr. Plumber, a renowned and trustworthy name in providing complete plumbing services, have listed down top ten water heater brands in Singapore which are sure to provide anyone with utmost convenience. So if you’re thinking of purchasing a water heater for your home, then consider the following:

Ariston Water Heaters



Conceived by renowned Italian designer Umberto Palermo, Ariston water heaters are probably among the best-looking bathroom products in the markets today. With their ease of use features, accurate water temperature settings, safety features, and other enhanced functionalities, you’re sure to have an ultra-comfortable showering experience.

  • Price begins at $99
  • Italian-designed


Joven Water Heaters


Despite originating from Malaysia, Joven water heaters have been rapidly gaining popularity in Singapore. One reason for this is the fact that they come in many different models, thereby providing consumers with various choices for their water heater installation. Moreover, they are highly energy-efficient and include enhanced features such as multiple shower spray options and water-saving technology.

  • Price begins at $90
  • Includes water-saving technology


Rheem Water Heaters


First built in the 1920s, Rheem water heaters have been highly-renowned among Singaporeans for many decades. This is because they’re known to be simple and safe to use as well as energy-efficient, thereby allowing users to save money on their plumbing. Moreover, they include anti-corrosive automatic temperature limits which ensure that customers aren’t injured while using them.

  • Price begins at $128
  • Long-standing and highly renowned brand


Rubine Water Heaters

With a design unlike many other storage water heaters in Singapore, Rubine Water heaters are highly recommended when it comes to residential or commercial water heater installation. Moreover, they’re considered as a very suitable option for those in search of models with enhanced features but also a contemporary style.

  • Price begins at $109
  • Includes approved superior-quality heating technology from the UK


707 Water Heaters

When it comes to the best household products in Singapore, 707 water heaters are known to stand out. For more than 50 years, this brand has been committed to providing its customers with a pleasant showering experience. As such, many of its instant water heaters consist of a durable design and unique features such as temperature controls and splash-proofing.

  • Price begins at $185
  • Highly renowned and trusted local brand.


Panasonic Instant Shower Heaters


Besides being built by a best-selling water heater brand, Panasonic instant water heaters are loaded with many modern features which allow for a highly comfortable showering experience. Moreover, they are easy to use and are relatively affordable.

  • Price begins at $108.
  • Made with high-standard Japanese technology


Ferroli Electric Water Heaters

Due to their elegant design, Ferroli’s instant water heaters are a crowd favourite in Singapore. With multiple functions such as different spray options, temperature stabilizer, and massage features, these models are sure to provide you with a highly refreshing and detoxing bathing experience. So have a reliable plumber install one for you now.

  • Price begins at $248
  • Built with stainless steel plate heat exchangers


Trentios IntelliHeat Water Heaters


When compared to most storage and instant water heaters, Trentios IntelliHeat water heaters are extremely unique in that they include modern digital features such as instant heating and water usage tracking. Besides that, they are eco-friendly and are built with a slim and sleek design. As a result, they’re less likely to experience any residential plumbing emergencies and are guaranteed to provide customers with a highly comfortable showering experience.

  • Price begins at $68
  • Use smart German technology which allows water and electricity consumption tracking


Champs Water Heaters


Champs water heaters are among the bestselling instant water heaters in Singapore due to their upgraded features such as user-friendly controls and instant water heating. They are also built with an unconventional yet elegant style designed to provide your bathroom with a luxurious feel. Additionally, they are highly affordable and are space-efficient, thereby allowing any recommended plumber to easily install them.

  • Price begins at $77
  • Highly space-efficient


Mistral Instant Water Heaters

If you think an affordable water heater with modern features can best serve your residential or commercial plumbing needs, then consider purchasing Mistral Instant Water Heaters. With a durable and attractive design as well as various enhanced functions such as double heating, Mistral Water Heaters are sure to provide you with utmost convenience once you hire a plumber to install them.

  • Price begins at $68.
  • Built with durable materials



Besides keeping your bathroom tidy, knowing which water heater to buy is also important for maintaining your home. Thus, we hope that this article has assisted you greatly in choosing the best instant water heater for you. Note that even if each of the models mentioned have different functionalities, whichever one you choose is guaranteed to provide you with the best showering experience possible.

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