Simple Ways You Can Try to Unclog Sinks

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clogged sink is one of the most inconvenient household problems and also quite common. It is often that you can see this happening, and you have to fix this immediately in order to prevent the water and debris from piling up in the sink. Unless you take fast steps, the level of the standing water is only going to rise. Here are some easy ways that you can try in order to unclog the sink in your kitchen with nothing more than simple household items or recommended portable devices.  



Let’s say that your kitchen sink has a clog. You can start by pouring white vinegar down the sink’s drain. There is no need to mix it prior to pouring it, as the mix will lead to foaming due to a chemical reaction. You can also try combinations, such as mixing baking soda with vinegar, or using a combination of vinegar, salt and borax. Then agitate the clog, cover the sink and allow the mixture to sit. You can then use a small plunger to plunge the drain. After plunging, you can attempt to pull the clog out from the clogged kitchen sink with a hanger. This is one of the best clogged kitchen sink home remedyIf this method does not do the trick, you can follow up on the next method. 



Warm water 

After you have poured white vinegar and baking soda – each half cup – into the drain, cover the two openings and allow the mixture to rest for some time. Pour a gallon of warm water behind the mix so as to flush it out completely. With a blend of vinegar and baking soda, you can make any remaining fat deposits break down. Warm water will get any residues of both out. The drain will be left smelling nice and fresh.  



Plumbing snake 

Another way to deal with a clogged kitchen sink is to make use of a plumbing snakeA plumbing snake can be used to push out the clog through drainage pipes. Try inserting one of the snake’s ends into the sink drain and down the drainage pipe till you are able to get to the blockage. Go on pushing and pulling the plumbing snake in position to be able to get the clog loosened from the clogged kitchen sinkYou should be able to get out most of the clog and allow the rest to be flush via this method. 



Plunger pump 

When your bathroom sink has a clog, this device can help take care of the clog in your drain without a lot of effort. If you are looking for a good clogged bathroom sink solution, this simple device can use force to pump water down the drain to have the clog removed. Simply go through the instructions given by the product manufacturer while you use this simple tool. It is a fantastic tool that works every time and is actually worth trying.  


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